"Men när du var med mig
Musiken slutade aldrig
Du bara får mig att hänga, hänga kvar
För jag tror
När vi går genom tiden
Att allt det bästa
Inte hänt än"



Q: I want to know which turtle gets to make out with Megan Fox?

Noel: Mikey has high hopes! But no uh, I uh… I think that will be a little bit creepy. He is like a big kid, so he has got this kinda like twelve year old kinda crush on her. And he is like…

goddamn you



He’s staying with me | a gallavich fanmix (focused on season 4) | listen [here] 

001 misguided ghosts → paramore | 002 the fault in our stars → troy sivan | 003 life support → sam smith | 004 flaws → bastille | 005 give me love → ed sheeran | 006 this is gospel → panic! at the disco | 007 photograph ed sheeran | 008 therapy → all time low | 009 the boy who blocked his own shot brand new | 010 asleep → the smiths 


mickey’s home is always ian gallagher. no big deal. 



I actually really like when im not the only one that doesn’t care much about fiona sometimes.

That’s just. That’s like the best feeling ever.

"I think that storyline of Ian and Mickey has genuinely touched a lot of people. That’s just. That’s like the best feeling ever."
Noel Fisher (x)